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Friday, November 12, 2010

Money Unit Review

This week we talked about money in homeschool.  The kids really enjoyed it.  It was an interesting unit, actually. 

We got a book from the library, The History of Money (Barbara A. Somervill), that was great for kids.  There were a lot of pictures and it didn't go too far into anything, but gave a very nice overview from bartering to the Euro. 

We also spent a good deal of time on a website that Mary (my little sister and member of our Gebel Family Homeschool Directors Board) suggested to me.  Planet Orange was succinct, informational, and fun!  We learned about budgeting, saving, and investing. 

Between the book and the web site we learned several new words to add to our growing dictionary (like mint, inflation, and interest).  We also talked about the ways we get, spend, save, and give money.  Our week also included a few activities.  We brainstormed names for money or words having to do with it.  I think moolah is their new favorite!  And Jace kept track of how much we were spending at the grocery store this week.  He was only $17 off at the end.  I didn't think that was bad, but he wants to do it again next week and see if he can do even better! 

All in all, it was a great week.  We changed out schedule because Scott's schedule was different, but I think they did really well with it.  I'm not sure if that's a result of it being something new, being on their best behavior so that Dada could sleep, or if they work better in the afternoon than the morning.  But we're going to keep working with it and see what happens!

How was your homeschooling this week?

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