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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

30 Days of Thankfulness - Day 9

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Did I miss a day?  I thought I'd been pretty on top of things, but I just realized it's the 9th and I only have 7 Thankful posts...hmmm.  Oh well.  We're going to call this one day 9 and tell you what we're thankful for today.
Jace and Tyler are both thankful for fish sticks.  Yes, I asked during dinner.
Gracie is thankful for Dada.  She popped out with that earlier today, when we weren't even talking about Dada or being thankful.  Brought tears to my eyes. 
Dada says he's not thankful for anything.  Jace even offered a suggestion.  "Work?"  His response was clear, "No."  I softened it a little, saying he's probably thankful for work, just not this week. 
I'm thankful for things that soothe and relax.  I got a massage today.  I feel a little guilty that I got a massage while Scott was home with the kids after being at work for almost 24 hours.  He did not say anything about being left with the monkeys.  Good man (or just too tired to carry on a conversation). 

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