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Sunday, November 28, 2010

30 Days of Thankfulness - Days 27 and 28

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It's definitely not that I wasn't thankful yesterday, that's why I didn't post.  In fact I was very thankful...I got a night out with a few friends.  We went to the movies and out for snacks and chit chat after.  It was a great couple of kid-free hours.  I was out having fun during my normal blogging hours and that's why I didn't post yesterday. 
Today I'm back home and we had a nice family dinner.   We lit our advent candle for the day and talked about hope (which is rather tricky to explain to kids) and what we're thankful for. 
Jace is thankful for Dada, who takes him hiking, and his new sour gummy vitamins.
Gracie is thankful for food, so we can live, and candles and fire, so we can have light and stay warm when there's no electricity.
Tyler is thankful for me, Jace and Gracie.  However, he did stick his tongue out at Jace and blow a raspberry at him across the table after saying he was thankful for him.  Brotherly love, I guess!
I'm thankful for inspiration and the ability to see it every now and then.  I'm sure I've missed quite a bit through the years, but I try to recognize intangible gifts and be thankful for them when I do notice.

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