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Thursday, November 4, 2010

30 Days of Thankfulness - Day 4

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Gracie - She's thankful for me today.  Sweet girl.

Jace - He's thankful for the person who invented BBQ sauce.  I love how he's not thankful for things, but for the people that invented them!  His mind is incredible.

Tyler - He's thankful for trucks and cars.  I'm sure that's going to be his answer every other day of the wonderful 30 days.

Me - I'm thankful that I can be supportive of my husband, loving him and reassuring him while in sweat pants, wearing no make up or bra.  I know some women who enjoy greeting their men with lipsticked smiles and enjoy wearing something fashionable to boot!  I think that's wonderful.  However, by the time Scott gets home I'm thrilled that I'm able to be changed into something a bit more comfortable, and I'm not talking about anything slinky or lacey!  He might like to see me in a pair of jeans every now and then, but I think he'd probably also like to see day light from time to time too...and if he did, he'd get to see me in jeans!

Scott - I haven't even asked him, because he's not home yet, but I feel pretty confident in guessing he might be thankful that I greet him without a bra too! 

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