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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

30 Days of Thankfulness - Day 2

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I forgot to ask last night what everyone was thankful for.  Our day was a little different than the typical Tuesday and it slipped my mind!  But I asked first thing this morning and they offered what they were thankful for last night.

Jace - "Last night I was thankful that you let me stay up late."
Gracie - "Yesterday I was thankful for my Polly Pockets!"
Tyler - "My truck and my guy."
Scott - I didn't ask him, but I'm going to say that he's thankful for a comfy bed and a wife who'll rub his back!
Annie - Lately I've been noticing all the leaves that have changed color here.  At the end of the street there's one with bright red leaves and they're now falling onto the stone below them.  The backs of the leaves are such a pale pink, with such vibrant red fronts.  The whole scene is very pretty and I just feel content every time I see it.  That makes me thankful....I guess for nature.

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