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Like all of you, I'm a number of things to a number of people...Navy wife, homeschooling mama, educated woman and aspiring writer. Read my thoughts on all of it here. Please feel free to leave your thoughts on all of it too!


Here's the short story: 
 We homeschool because it's the right choice for our family for right now.  We don't have anything against public schools, or private ones for that matter.  In fact, Scott and I had a good experience in school.  Our children may find themselves back in the regular mill at some point, but for now...Gebel Family Homeschool it is!

We have a relaxed feel to our schooling.  We currently only have curriculum for our math studies.  Everything else is learned together or through independant studies.  We go heavy on the reading and actual experience and are studying what interests us. 

Any questions?  Feel free to ask...I don't mind in the least.  I'd love to share.

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Anonymous said...

Do you have to meet certain curriculum standards for the state you are in? How did you decide what to teach by levels? You said math is only one. How did you choose that material? Are you concerned they will lack socially not being with children their age? Just a few at this moment.