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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Monuments and Symbols

Hello, hello, hello!!! How is everyone? I know you've been wondering how homeschool went last week. I know it's Sunday and I'm just getting around to posting about our last unit...but good things come to those who wait!

And you've waited long enough. Last week we learned about monuments and symbols. We talked about national symbols, like the flag, and national monuments too. Over the summer we saw many of the things we read about...the kids were very excited about that. And we all want to go back to DC! There's so much more to see.

We also talked about local monuments and symbols. We visited Deterrent Park on base, the Poulsbo waterfront (where there's a statue of Maurice Lindvig, former mayor), Olympia and some other town. The last two field trips were sort of by accident. We met up with friends in Olympia and I wasn't planning on learning anything, other than how my friends have been for the past three years! However, while we were playing at the playground Jace announced, "Mama! I think I see a monument!"

Love the energy! So, we checked it out and sure enough, he's stumbled on a statue erected to show where the first customs house on the Puget Sound was. Then, on the way home, we stopped to get a snack and passed another statue! Again, Gracie noticed this one and Jace read the sign for us while we were at the stoplight next to it. It was a statue of a family and it was there to honor military families. Very nice.

So, we learned a lot out and about this week. We also read...we love to read! We found a series called Capital Mysteries by Ron Roy, who also writes the A to Z Mysteries. We all really enjoyed them and Jace is going to look for more to read this week at the library. They're fiction stories, but with facts in them too...like how tall the Washington monument is. We also read about the history of the American flag and the National Anthem. We learned about the White House, Dolley Madison's role during the War of 1812 in saving parts of history when DC got burnt and the pets that our presidents have had in their home. (Did you know they used to have goats "mow" the lawn? How's that for green?)

Gracie's favorite monument we learned about is the Statue of Liberty, "because she's a girl and her shoe size is bigger than yours."

Jace's favorite is the Iwo Jima Memorial because it has, "marines and one Navy guy with the American flag."

And, finally, we made our own monuments out of play dough and Legos. Tyler even joined in the fun.

Gracie's Lego statue in honor of Aunt Kate and her farm

Jace (so detail oriented), a monument to honor Uncle Nick and his team in Afghanistan

Tyler's addition to Mama's Lego statue, for Uncle Jared

the original monument honoring Jared and all firefighters

Tyler's monument to sea life

Jace's sub monument for Dada and the USS Henry M. Jackson blue crew

Gracie's monument in honor of baker's everywhere. These are "cookies on a pedastal."

Next week: Healthy Living...Food, Fitness, and Fun!