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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Today was a relaxed day for me. If you remember from a few posts ago (here) my back is a little "jacked up." On Thursday, the chiropractor told me she was glad I was feeling better, but not to over do it. I thought I was heeding those words of advice, but today I'm pretty sore...and I didn't even do that much yesterday. The kids and I went to the library and the fabric store. We didn't even go for the walk I was planning because we were running late. But the library can be an errand that requires great physical strength. (Check here if you don't believe me.) And a fabric store with all three monkeys at lunch time requires great mental strength, and herding abilities. Thankfully we all made it out alive.

After those two trips, lunch, and a calm afternoon, I even suggested to Scott that we go to Scenic Beach for a little something to do last night. We walked from the parking lot to the beach and back. We let the kids play on the beach and on the playground for a while. It was a nice night. I know my walk was a bit more hilly than the "mostly flat" walking the chiropractor recommended a few weeks ago, but it was short and I went slowly.

So, I'm not sure if it was some or all of yesterday, but last night when we got back home I was beat and sore. I woke up this morning, still beat and sore. So I declared today a lazy day. And, not only was it lazy and relaxing, but full of simple pleasures.

Jace and I played Battleship. I was so close to beating him! I swear! But, in the end, he won. He asked if I'd play every day with him until he was 19. And, then, after he got back from his honeymoon, if Scott and I would give the game to him and his new wife so they could play every day!

Gracie and I read books and laughed and enjoyed a little America's Next Top Model. I wasn't letting her watch that for a while, but she did well with it today. We'll see if it needs to go back to the Mama only list. I'm hoping she'll do my hair too. She did the other day and I forgot how relaxing that can be!

Tyler cuddled with me, a lot. He laid with me and I read him stories while I iced my back. He cuddled on my lap after nap time. He sat with me and put my arm around him after Gracie made him cry. He's such a lovable little monkey.

They all are, actually. I felt lots of love today. From Scott too. In fact at one point he gave me a kiss and Jace asked where he was going. "No place. I just wanted to give Mama a kiss."

Simple pleasures.

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Mary Teresa said...

First read I thought Jace asked "Where THAT was going" and I laughed really hard. lol. Love you and take care of yourself.