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Friday, August 6, 2010

Smokey Saves the Day

So, I mentioned a few posts ago, when reviewing our library unit, that Gracie and Jace had written a wonderful, little story. I promised to post the story in a later post...this is it!

In case you're just tuning in and don't want to read the lengthy review, here's the short version of why we wrote a story and how we did it: In learning about the history of libraries, and therefore books, we discovered that two early ways of creating books were dipping quills in ink and writing on papyrus, which created scrolls actually, and using stamps to make the pages of books. We made our own berry ink and wrote a few lines to Aunt Mary with it. The kids came up with a story and illustrated it with stamps and drawings to mimic how the early Chinese did it.

We started with our stamps and brainstormed ideas for a story based on the pictures our stamps would make. Gracie, of course, wanted weddings and Jace, of course, wanted firefighting. Here's what they ended up with:

Jace H. Gebel was the one who suggested we write where the book was published. He's always thinking!
Well, a rousing game of Memory is calling my name...hope you have great weekend plans as well.

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