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Monday, August 9, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday!

Today went pretty well. In homeschool this week we're taking a look at monuments and symbols, national and otherwise. I think this unit will only last a week. If that's the case, I'll fill you in on Friday!

But, for now, let me share with you what gems my children are.

Tyler just fell down the stairs because his sparkling Sleeping Beauty shoes slipped off. I tried really hard not to laugh while I consoled him. When he stopped sobbing I gave him the advice of perhaps carrying his pretty shoes to the basement and then putting them on.

We heard a song on the radio for the first time today. It's called "This Afternoon" and Nickelback sings it. Even though we've never heard it on the radio before, we're familiar with it because the video is quite popular on CMT and GAC. Who knew that Nickelback was a country group? Hmmm. So the cong came on and Gracie got excited. She said to Jace, "Don't you just love this song?"

The excitement rose in Jace's voice as he answered. "The songs OK, but what really makes it great is the video. In fact, if I could watch the video on mute that would be awesome!"

They're full of joy and, although they sometimes make me think I run a zoo, I love how priceless they make the time I have with them.

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Mary Teresa said...

I may be laughing at the littlest monkey's mishap. A lot. =)