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Monday, August 16, 2010

Little Reminders

Today we started our healthy living unit. I'm really excited about it and I have a lot I want the kids to learn. This morning, it took an hour to go over the 10 Primal Blueprint Laws...an hour! My lesson plan had that task taking maybe ten minutes. OK, let's be honest. I don't have formal lesson plans. However, I do think about what I want to fit in in a day. There were other things I wanted to do this morning.

With that in mind, you might imagine that I was a little annoyed. The kids kept interrupting me, sometimes raising their hands (which I find adorable!) and sometimes just jumping up out of their seats. I asked them a few times to stop and listen, but they couldn't seem to do that. I was getting more and more frustrated...

...but then I calmed down. I realized that they weren't being obnoxious. They were excited. They wanted to pipe in with what they knew about eating healthy, fitness, and cavemen. I want them to be excited about it. I want them to learn from me about fitness and food, and have fun doing it! And we're homsechooling...if I don't get to something...no big deal.

Thank goodness I heard that inner voice that reminded me of those things. Instead of me shutting them down and having them write "I will eat broccoli and like it" a few dozen times, we laughed, visited, and learned. Hopefully.

It's great to remember, whether homeschooling or not, that kids learn and love best when given the freedom to do so and when they're guided by someone just as excited as they are.


CrazyMomma said...

"if i don't get to something.....no big deal"

that has been our mantra with school work from the beginning :)

ErinV said...

Annie, what you're doing is great! I have this happen in my classroom all the time -- even after teaching for 10 years, my timing is often off. Go with it. Remember that in the end, you want them to be excited about learning, so if "lessons" take longer than anticipated -- FINE! Especially when they take longer because they're hitting home!!!!