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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monkey Business

It's been a while since I've just written about the kids...what delightful little cherubs they are and all that! Here are some recent pictures to remind you what they look like:

Gracie...helping Mama with the dishes. She loves to help out when and where she can, most of the time.

Tyler...into everything he can be. He recently started wanting to play "with" people instead of just near them. He still doesn't think anyone is playing Trains the right way and frequently tells them, "No...no, no, no." But at least he's having a good time and talking up a storm!

Jace...has found a new love in hiking with Dada. The last one, though, had him feeling it for a few days! This weekend they're going to go again, but Scott's thinking maybe a little more length but less difficulty this time around.

So, that's them. They aren't always angelic and so cute, though. We're taking this week off of school and they're like any other kids on a school break...they don't know what to do! When told to, "Go play!" they usually end up picking at each other, playing with someone who doesn't want to play with them, or getting rough...no matter what, though...crying and yelling often result. (sigh) Kids!
But, when they're not being pests, they're absolutely entertaining!
Jace read 15 books in two days last week. So I took him to the library on Saturday to get 20 more. This morning he clapped his book shut and said, "Again. Again, I have no books."

Yesterday we were eating leftover cheese stuffed meatballs, which Gracie and Tyler apparently love. I told Tyler if he ate any more he might turn into a meatball himself. Gracie quickly responded, "Yay! Turn into a big meatball...then I'll eat you up too!" Jace and I laughed. Tyler pouted and said, "No! Not meatball, Tyler. Gracie no eat me." Such a cute little pout, chest all puffed out in his defiance!
Tyler got new rain boots today and showed them to anyone who would pause long enough to admire them. "Tyler new boots." He's really doing great with his speech. If you don't know, he was behind for a while and started speech therapy just before turning two years old. He worked with an awesome therapist for about six months, then we moved. He's saying sentences, using lots of words, just doing great! There are still some words I can't figure out...but I'm working on it!
One of my favorite little things he's said recently was yesterday. He was downstairs playing with Legos and came running up, "Mama! Mama! Come here." When he got in front of me he was motioning with his hands and his eyes just sparkled! I asked what he was so excited about and he said, "Built monument." Clear as day! We studied monuments a few weeks ago and apparently he thought of one more to build! So clever and cute!
So, there's a little bit about each of the kids...they're doing well and growing before my eyes! I'm a blessed mama to be able to watch it all happen from so close.

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