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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday Five

I love little games, answering questions, thinking...they're so fun! Today, while running through my daily blogs I decided to link up to a new one!

The idea is that Mrs. Gambizzle puts out 5 words and we reflect on our weeks and write something that comes to mind for each emotion. This week's words are:


Happy - I've been feeling a lot this week that I am happy. I'm content with my life, it's simplicity, the flow of it, the direction we're headed. Happy.

Giggly - When Jace threw up at the grocery store this week it was purple. We didn't giggle right then and there, mind you, but we did chuckle about it later. If only we could all eat blackberries before vomiting...

Excited - I met another primal, homeschooling mother of three! Well, she's pregnant with number four (and I am NOT), but the three kids she has are similar ages to mine. Mostly I'm thrilled to know, in person, another primal family.

Loved - Gracie left the house last night, as she often does, to run down the street and see if her friends were out. Usually she lets me know she's ready to leave and runs out the door. Last night she gave me a hug and a kiss before running away. Unexpected TLC from kids is always an incredible thing.

Thankful - I'm quite thankful that only Jace got sick and no one else caught it.

How about you...what's making you feel something this week? Head over to Mrs. Gambizzle's to read and share!

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