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Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Don't Put Your Ham on Your Head!"

Today's been a day. And it's not even over yet. I'm not feeling on the top of my game, thanks for Mother Nature, and everything is irritating me. Poor kids.

They're managing, though. We went to WalMart today with their birthday gift cards for a quick shopping trip. I hear you laughing...even the cashier laughed at me when I mentioned it was supposed to be a quick trip!

Before we got to birthday shopping, though, we had to get out of the driveway. This morning I shooed the kids out of the house, shut the door behind me and realized I didn't have my keys. The kids were already climbing in and out and around the van. I sat on the front step. I tried the door, but I had remembered to lock it. I tried the garage doors, but they were shut. I gave Scott's cell a ring, but there was no answer and I haven't put his office number into my cell phone yet. I sat down again.

I thought about the back porch, off the dining room, on the second level of the house...sometimes I don't lock that door. We happen to have a broken and unusable ladder (it was damaged beyond repair during the move) in the back yard. I called Jace over and had him climb the ladder and jump over the railing and try the door. He did. It was.

The window to our bathroom was open, if only we could get the screen out...but Jace was afraid to go up the unusable ladder a second time, this time more straight up. And I didn't think it would be safe for me, the kids supporting it isn't the same as me supporting it and I weight slightly more than Jace too.

So, we went back to the front of the house, where Jace thought he might have an idea. I only half heard what his crazy idea might have been. It involved the garage door and as soon as he said those words, I remembered that I have a garage door opener in the van...the unlocked van.

In my defense, our garage doors don't go down with the openers. We have to close them from the garage. And I never go in the house that way. I always use the front door. No matter what, though, I felt a bit silly. In the end, though, Gracie brought me my keys and we left for our morning adventures.

When we got back home I opened a few of the kids toys and got them lunch while they played. During lunch I found myself loosing patience...quickly. It might have had something to do with having to say things like, "Don't put your ham on your head."

So, now, Tyler's sleeping. Poor kid got new toys and then had to take a nap. Jace is putting together his new Legos. And Gracie is applying copious amounts of princess make up.

I'm taking a few deep breaths. How's your day going?

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