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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Getting Excited...

Gebel Family Homeschool has been in session for almost three weeks. I'm mostly really enjoying myself. When we're engaged in an activity, everyone is interested and participating. When I bring up getting back to it after lunch or taking a break, Jace isn't always so eager...but he does shuffle his feet to the classroom and sit down with a loud "humph!" I just ignore all that and start the next thing and he usually forgets that he's upset and joins in.

So, things are going well.

We just started math today. We're using Horizons math. Jace is beginning with a review of things he learned last year in 1st grade. He needs to build some confidence and learn some math facts without needing to think so hard about them. Gracie is getting more one-on-one right now. She did well today and wanted to continue on to the second lesson, but I held off. She gets tires quickly and I didn't want her to fizzle out in the middle of the next lesson.

So, now, what am I getting excited about? Sharing our library unit with all of you! At the end of this week, we'll have gone through three weeks of studying libraries. I love some of the things we've done and can't wait for you to see and read about them! Be patient, though...I want to wait until we've got everything complete and can share it all at once!

Are you getting excited now?

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