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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Homeschool Spirit Week

A few weeks ago we had spirit week!  It wasn't as big or crazy as the spirit weeks I remember from my youth, but we still had a good time!  Here's what we did:

Monday - Inside, Outside, Upside Down Day
     We wore our clothes inside out and/or upside down.  We went to Zero Gravity, where the kids take gymnastics, and played during their open gym time. 

Tuesday - 100th day of school!
     We had friends over and had a create-your-own-craft party.  Some of the things were pretty creative, others were just plain crazy!  But we had fun.  We had lunch and ice cream sundaes too!

Wednesday - School Spirit Day
     We chose our school mascot, motto, and colors.  We narrowed down the mascot to dolphins or monkeys, both of which live in families, are intelligent, and love to have fun.  Dolphins have a special meaning in the world of submariners.  I's what the pin is called that they get once they qualify...something.  Sorry - I don't know all the details!  But they look like this:
Monkeys ended up winning out in the end though, because we call the children monkeys.  So it's a very fitting mascot for our little homeschool.
     The motto we came up with is "Just hanging around...learning."  And for our colors I let each of the kids pick one.  Jace chose black, Gracie purple and Tyler yellow.  I'm pretty pleased with our new school spirit!  We even made shirts!  (Sorry they're so wrinkled!)

Each of our school colors is represented.  The monkey on the ground is Tyler, dancing!  Jace is hanging upside down because he's a self-proclaimed dare devil.  And Gracie's monkey has a cute bow on her tail.

The writing on the back I did in the color they chose.  And Jace's is the only one with cursive writing, because he's learning that now.

Thursday - No school - just reading day!
     We didn't do any formal schooling, but spent a lot of time reading aloud and to ourselves.  We went to Barnes and Noble and read there, walked to the library and read there.  Reading isn't real school.  (wink, wink)

Friday - we took off...literally. 
     We went to a friends house and spent the night there.  We had three adults (we're all friends from grad school) and seven kids!  A little wine, lots of toys, and even fresh out of the oven cookies!  It was a great end to our week!

Any of you who homeschool...do you do spirit weeks?  If you don't, maybe you'll start now!  We had a lot of fun.


"Say What?" said...

I love this idea! We need a spirit week.

Annie said...

Yes, you do! lol I love dressing up and in high school our spirit weeks included lots of different dress up things (60's, sporty, dressing like the opposite sex). Gracie even had spirit week in her pre-k and they had hat day/crazy hair day, dress up day, pj day. So there are a lot of ideas. We didn't do that much this time because I was focusing on our motto and mascot, but we'll definitely do it again and incorporate more ideas! Have fun with it!

Amanda said...

Hey Annie, I didn't know that you homeschooled. I think it's wonderful that you do. I've always thought my (hypothetical) kids would be homeschooled :). I have an idea. Since you were so into Holi (the color holiday) when I talked about it on my blog you should celebrate it with the kids and their friends. Wouldn't that be fun?! I found a link that tells you how to make the colors that you throw at each other. It's a bit labor intensive, but it could be a really cool lesson as well. Here it is: http://www.celebrategreen.net/eco-friendly_colors_and_organic_thandai_for_holi_festival_of_colors/. They even have info about foods you eat on that day!

CrazyMomma said...

what a neat idea....we've been doing homeschool for almost 5 years and i've never thought of this lol.....def something i think about adding to our schedule!