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Monday, February 7, 2011

Is There Anything Better?

Tyler sleeping in the back of the van while the movers loaded our home goods.

Tyler just couldn't take anymore unpacking either!

Kids can sleep anywhere, can't they?

Gracie sleeping on the long haul across the country.

Jace conked out.

Gracie sleeping after being the first to scrape her knees in the driveway.

Jace and Gracie using the whole bed at the hotel during our last few days in Georgia.

Tyler sleeping just before he ended up in the hospital with respiratory issues.  And I thought he was just fighting a cold!

Gracie and Tyler are both sleeping in this bed at Uncle Jared's and Aunt Kate's.  Can you see Jace all tucked in the blanket?

Tyler crashing under the table at Grandma and Grandpa Foote's.

Gracie sleeping at Disney.

Tyler: 1 month old.
Tyler sleeping on my chest, just a few beautiful months old.

Gracie and Tyler exhausted after meeting their little brother!

Gracie on Aunt Mary's lap.  She's very comfy.

Scott and Gracie relaxing at an airport...how is that even possible?
 I love seeing my children in their most blissful state: asleep.  I have more pictures of Jace too, but I couldn't find many of them...I didn't start putting pictures online until after Tyler was born, so I don't have many digitalized ones of Jace's itty bitty years.  But you get the idea anyway...they're beautiful. 

They're dreaming.  They're at peace.  They're untroubled. 

Sometimes during their waking hours they're a lot of other things and I can get a mite frustrated with them.  But then here they are...asleep.  Content.  Is there anything better?

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