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Monday, February 7, 2011

Quick Wit

I do not have quick wit.  I have been known to remind Scott of something he said days after he said it, and forgot about it, just so I can tell him what I should have said.  He usually gives me a little sympathy chuckle and we go on with our lives.  He, on the other hand, is pretty good with a come back.  And that must be where Jace gets it. 

Jace is excellent.  His brand of humor is one that I find fascinating and sometimes frustrating.  Usually I realize his jokes rather slowly (yes, he's seven) but then I realize how funny what he said was!  He has pretty good delivery too.  He knows it takes a minute so he pauses to let what he said set in.  (Maybe it's not emphasis - maybe he just knows I'm slow.  Hmmm

Today I got zapped by a zinger that Jace tossed my way.  I got it right away too!  Are you ready for it?

It's been a long day (week, month, I'm even willing to go so far as to say year) and Jace and I have been butting heads for most of it (at least today).  So this afternoon when I was getting out of the van and holding the door so it wouldn't hit the vehicle next to us, I slammed my knee into the door.  (I know, I'm smooth and dim witted...the complete package.

It's still hurting, especially when I try to bend it. So, doing something a little bit ago I moved it unexpectedly and a little farther than I have since hurting it and immediately bit my lip to keep from completely swearing like a sailor.  (kind of worked...sort of

What came out was, "Son of a - man, that hurts like a mother!"

My quick thinking son said, "What?  Does it hurt like a mother is mean?"


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