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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Luckily I'm Good Company

I've been wondering lately if being the only one to comment on my own facebook status qualifies as talking to one's self.  Or is it more like journaling?  What do you think?

As I pondered that very deep topic I also wondered about my blogging.  It's definitely a journal of sorts, but also written for others.  However, when I don't get feedback...am I really just talking to myself?

And that made me think of my at-least-one-a-day emails that I send to my husband while he floats in a tin can in the ocean.  That's a submarine, for anyone who doesn't know.  And, if you're not familiar with submarines...it's best to assume that you don't have any contact with your sailor while he's gone.  But occasionally they can receive and sometimes even send messages.  So, I write.  Like I implied...I sometimes write more than once a day.  I share stories from our days, crazy things the kids said, and of course he's missing on facebook.  I also tell him we miss him and love him and try not to sound too needy for a response.  Because responses don't necessarily come.  So, I ask again...am I really just talking to myself?

I've decided that it doesn't matter.  I'm not changing.  I'm going to email my love and blog about our lives, from the minor details to the big stuff.  I'm not going to stop thinking out loud on facebook either.  The conclusion I've come to is: as least I'm good company.


Heather said...

I know how you feel lol i post on paul's facebook a million times a day it seems like (obviously i KNOW i wont get a response but it still makes me feel good....so i don't care lol) but i also email him a million times a day too......life must go on, including us talking to ourselves! lol

Domestic Diva said...

Ha ha ha-I've found the right friends...I can just ditto both you and Heather right now :)