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Friday, October 8, 2010

Squirrels Unit Review

Last week we learned about squirrels.  Honestly, I thought it was going to be one of our more boring studies.  I mean, it's only fun to watch them scurry about for a little while...right?  Thankfully, there's a lot more than that to be done, seen, read, and learned. 

A Douglas Squirrel in our backyard
As many of our studies go, we did some reading.  From the library we got the following:
Rabbits, Squirrels and Chipmunks, Mel Boring
Miss Suzy, Miriam Young
The Very Best Bed, Rebekah Raye
Delicious!, Helen Cooper
Squirrels, Peter Murray
Nuts to You!, Lois Ehlert
Scaredy Squirrel at the Beach, Melanie Watt
The Squirrel, James V. Bradley

We also utilized our Wildlife Explorer books. 

Jace's plate of squirrel foods
We learned all about how squirrels live.  Did you know that squirrels are often referred to as herbivores even though many of them eat insects.  Some even eat small birds or mice!  If I ever write my own book on squirrels I'm classifying them as omnivores.

Gracie's version of squirrel foods
One of the books we read (Squirrels) pointed out that humans don't often think about how helpful tails are, but squirrels use theirs for all sorts of things. 

Tail Uses: warmth, balance, shade, umbrella
We also talked about the scientific classification of squirrels.  Jace definitely didn't want to write that out again!   But, we did discover that they're rodents, as are porcupines.  Who knew? 

Squirrels are known for their large front teeth, which grow around six inches every year.  They have to gnaw them down daily to keep them from getting too big for their mouths.  They're made specially, though, so they stay sharp and allow them to continue gnawing through nuts and tree bark. 

Jace gnawing on a nut
We made a little treat for our backyard friends too.  Basically you make a big ball of peanuts in their shells and peanut butter.  Then you can string it from a tree and see what happens.  I didn't get a picture during the making process...I was literally up to my elbows in peanut butter! Sorry.

Gracie breaking the peanut shells
Here's a picture of a squirrel thinking about how to get at that ball, though!

Peanut ball feast!
So, overall, it was another good week!  Our 11th week of school...and things are good.  We have had our moments, though.  But we're all learning and I still feel honored and overjoyed that I get to be right there with them as they discover new things.  I'm one proud mama...teacher...whatever!

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