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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Funny Things That Were Said Today!

We went to a birthday party for a four year old friend today.  Eight little girls played musical chairs.  Scott, in a skewed effort to teach Gracie she can't always be a winner, said, "You're the first loser!" when she didn't see an empty chair and was the first one out.


At the same party we were discussing children and their behaviors.  Scott and I were telling what a little brute Tyler can be.  He's been hitting a lot lately, not to mention pushing and occasionally kicking.  Scott said, "He needs to be beaten down* a little so he learns," just as Jace came running in the room and volunteered to take care of it! 

*Disclaimer: Scott would never beat our children. 


In the car on the way home Jace mentioned that he'd like his siblings to be quiet, which, of course, was countered with Gracie singing louder.  Jace yelled, "That's the antonym of what I want!  Gracie, you might as well learn something while you're being loud.  Antonym means opposite!"


We just saw a boy playing God Bless America with his trumpet on TV.  Gracie was impressed and commented, "I don't play any instrument that good except the microphone."


Those are just a few goodies from today...I'm sure there are other forgotten laughs.  My family provides incredible entertainment!

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