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Friday, April 30, 2010

Quick Update

I forgot, with so much else going on, to update you on my foot. It's all better now. If you didn't know, I got glass in the bottom of my foot, little itsy bitsy slivers of glass, while cleaning. the consensus is that I shouldn't clean anymore to prevent this from happening again. However, that's not practical and, as you'll soon see, apparently not the real culprit.

So, I wrapped my foot in bacon, Neosporin, glue...pretty much anything I could find around the house. Everything helped a little, but the thing that seemed to trick was ichthammol. (Here's what Wikipedia has to say about it.) I'm back to walking fine.

However, yesterday at the playground I got a piece of wood that stuck all the way through my shoe and poked my foot. I also got a few slivers in my hands while moving things around and a cardboard cut too. Moving is hard work! But nothing I can't handle.

Added bonus: Jace just saw some Marines out the window and said, "Look! Marine Corps. What if it was Marine Chorus? Then they'd probably sing! La, la, la, la...." He's got a point!

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