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Monday, April 12, 2010

Be Nice To Me

I gave blood today. I remember my dad used to come home with heart shaped stickers that said "Be nice to me I gave blood today." How come I don't get those? Hmmm... I do get smiley face bandages wrapped around my arm. So, that's cool...I guess. But you should be nice to me anyway!

Aside from letting you know that little piece of info, I also wanted to say welcome to all my new followers!


I do believe the Ultimate Blog Party 2010 is still going on at 5 Minutes For Mom. (It is...I just checked.) But even when it's over and you can't add your blog to the list you can still weed through the 1000's of blogs that are already there and find some new e-friends. I know that I'm excited to get new followers (including my husband...a special hello to you) and I'm guess that other bloggers are too. I've been taking a few minutes each night to go back to the UBP post and visit a few new blogs...some catch my eye and others don't...but it's great fun.

Another little tid bit I'll let you in on is that the kids and I are heading North earlier than originally expected. I just filled out the withdrawal form today at Jace's school and we'll be in New York by his birthday. He's one very excited little boy! Oops, sorry...big boy! Now we just have to decide what his cake will be this year.

Here's a look at years past:

Whale Shark (6)

Monkey (4)

Trucks (3)
So, what will happen for the big 7? We don't know yet...but it'll be something fun. No doubt about it!


sagebel said...

It should be noted that I am only a follower because I am 1027 miles from the craziness and that by checking your blog I am able to confirm your well being. -Scott

Staci said...

You go! I watched a friend fall through a door when she fainted after giving blood in high school. That was over 20 years ago, and I still don't dare give blood. (Well I also heave when I get IVs started, so I think I'd heave while giving blood too...)

Glad to meet you and thanks for being a follower on my blog!

Hen Jen said...

yes, I'm having fun visiting other blogs from the blog party!

Great past cakes! I've done a dragon cake from Family fun magazine, you can search their website, directions are there,my boy loved it!

shalunya said...

Oh I would love to give blood; but, they won't take mine anymore. Personally, I would like to thank you for donoting.

Love the past cakes! I can't wait to see what this years will be too!! Please post when it's made! I'd love to see it.

Joy said...

I miss the "be nice to me" stickers too!

Your husband and you sound a lot like my husband and I. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi! I'm just now making it back around to everyone, and I'm looking forward to reading more!