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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Life On the Run

OK, I'm not really on the run. I am, however, hiding out in a hotel. Our house is full of boxes and tomorrow they'll all be loaded on a truck and hauled to Washington. The kids and I have another week here in Georgia until we leave too. We were eating dinner tonight and I realized that next week we'll be eating dinner in South Carolina! Cool, huh?

But before we leave there's stuff to be done. Like laundry. That's what I'm doing now. We lucked out with a room near the laundry room. After last night, which I'll tell you more about in a minute, I put the kids in bed early and moved myself into the hallway to do laundry, pay bills, and listen to another session of the Schoolhouse Expo. Oh, and eat half a candy bar. Don't judge me.

So, more about last night...I intended last night to be a relaxing intro to life on the road with only one tub of toys, one room of space and all that fun stuff. We hadn't even been at the hotel for half an hour when Tyler jumped from the bed to the window seat and cut his head open on the sill. We stopped the bleeding but I wasn't sure if stitches would be required so we quick grabbed a bag of books (luckily we hadn't unpacked anything yet) and went to the ER.

(Side note: our insurance is infamous for saying that we need to be sure we call for authorization on the way to the emergency room or within 24 hours of going to ensure payment. I called and the call taker scolded me for not going straight there! I wish she'd been the one to answer when I called back today...I would have let her know that the ER didn't think they needed to rush, so the extra minute or two I spent on the phone with her didn't make a difference in Tyler's treatment. Buy, anyway...)

We spent 3 1/2 hours at the hospital. We read every book in the bag, most of them more than once. We walked. We talked. We had a vending machine snack. We walked and talked and read some more. When we finally saw the doctor all went well. He said he'd glue it up and send us on our way. Just before we walked out of the hospital Jace looked to me and admitted, "I think I should have remembered what you always tell me - that I shouldn't teach Tyler to do bad things because he'll try than and not do them right." I knew he was the first one leap from bed to window, but I hadn't seen it or said anything about it! Ah, the guilty conscious of my beautiful boy.

When all was said and done, I tucked the kids into bed just before 10:30! Jace and Gracie were all tired today, but both had a good day at school. Tyler and I had a good day at the house, while the packers finished up. They got done earlier than expected and we took a little nap together. Precious.

So, here we are...night two at the hotel. Putting the kids to bed early went decent. Tyler went right to sleep. Jace hit Gracie with a doll and Gracie kicked Jace in the face, but they are all snoring by bed time! Sigh.

With that, I've moved my clothes to the dryer and taken a seat on the infamous window seat and turned on Survivor. This is the life...maybe not the life, but a good life! I'm not saying to want to live on road permanently or anything, but for a week or two...well, that I'm looking forward to.

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