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Monday, April 19, 2010

Out Of My League

(Mama) "You should really try to eat more veggies."

(Gracie) "I eat carrots! And avocados...those are good for you, right?"

"Well, yes, but there are a lot of foods that are healthier and will help you grow bigger and stronger."

(Gracie and her friend Madeline who is only 2 months younger.)

"But you tell everyone that I'm already tall. And I'm strong. Look at my muscles. (Shows me those almost-5-year-old guns.) And I'm flexible. Today I practiced stretching and I could reach past one ball to where the other ball was. That's how stretchy I am! And I can put my leg behind my head. Plus I had peaches and potatoes for lunch."

"Did you eat them?" (I know that Scott is rolling his eyes and shaking his head that Gracie was putting her leg behind her head at preschool, but I chose to ignore that in hopes that it would go away and stay focused on the battle at hand.)

"I tried the potatoes, but I didn't like them."

"So, you haven't actually eaten any veggies today?"

"No, but I'm already big and strong."

"True, but eating veggies will not only help you get even bigger and stronger, but will also help your brain grow and think well."

Jace pipes in. "I don't eat all my veggies and I already have a big brain. And it's going to stop growing* next month anyway. So it can't get any bigger. And I think pretty big already, don't you think so, Mama?"

(Jace in an outfit fit to protect him against any flying things while he plays outside.)

"Well...yes." And I took a bit of my veggies.

*I thought I'd written about this already and was going to link you to that post for explanation, but now I can't find it! So, I'll explain here. Jace learned in his book about the human brain (because every 1st grader should have one of those!) that the brain reaches full size at age seven, which is how old he turns next month. When he first read this he was very concerned, until I assured him that he would still be able to learn plenty, but that the size of his brain wouldn't get larger...he'd just have more stuff written on the pages of the notebook kept in there. I didn't actually use the notebook thing...he wouldn't have fallen for it anyway! I'm out of my league!

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sagebel said...

Gracie will definitely cause me to retire sooner than later.

Don't forget they are still little terrorists, negotiations are not an option. "Because I said so" is still a viable option until they leave the house. Maybe we should send them to college now so when they become working age they will have their doctorate.