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Monday, April 19, 2010


Sometimes there are things that frustrate me. For example...
When you and I are waiting across from each other at a red light and we both have our blinkers on to turn left...don't beep at me when you go straight and I've started to turn. Really, don't.

When you've been parking in between both lanes in the u-shaped driveway of preschool all year, so that no can get past you and I've tolerated it without complaining, don't come in and ask me to move when I've been drawn into a conversation and you can actually get around me because I parked all the way to the right...there's a whole other lane. Do you not know the width of your vehicle?

Things like that. I bet you get bothered too.

There are also things I just don't like. Play dough. I don't know why...it's just not on my list of fun things. Go ahead and cut paper into strips and itty bitty pieces and glue those pieces all over another piece of paper. Have a blast! Color, paint, draw. Be my guest. But please don't want to play with play dough. God only knows why it drives me nuts...but it does! It's an unexplained aversion that I hope doesn't scar my children for life.

There are also little pesky things that I think might drive me bonkers. But with these things, I'm bothered that I'm bothered. The two most recent examples...Gracie and Jace. Well, they aren't the bothers. Ha ha! It's the way the talk. Jace has taken to replacing the first letter of words or only using the first syllable.

"Jace, do you want strawberry or raspberry jam?"

"Jace, can you please pick up all your Nerf darts?
"You want me to pick up the derf darts? The werf warts? The berf barts? (laughs) Sure, I can pick up the ferf farts!"

And Gracie baby talks. She has for years and I've always wondered why. Scott and I are not baby-talk kinds of people. We never talked that way around her...she just started it! But now she's added a high voice to her babble and uses it constantly in her play!

Are you annoyed? I bet you are...I bet just reading this you're irked a little, well, when you're not laughing at me. See, these things are annoying, but really...why am I so bothered?


It's enough to drive me nuts!

Any sage advice out there? I'll take it...


Crazy Mom of Four said...

I HATE Play Doh! Of course, I hate paint too...until my kids are ALL old enough to do it all themselves (cleaning up included) they aren't allowed to paint in my house.

I get bothered by the little inconsequential things too. And then I get annoyed with myself for being annoyed. :) I don't have any advice though--since I am in the same boat as you...if you get some good advice, let me know!

legendswife said...

AHHHH! We think the same. What do I do? Well I go into a room that's about the size of a small closet. It has a few magazines, a fan,a lock, and a light. Can you guess what it is so far? OK...I'll tell you. My bathroom! I lock that puppy and stay there until I'm relaxed. Seriously I do!

Mrs. Hinson said...

We had the discussion the other day about play dough. It is by far one of the most annoying items that we own. Thus the reason they RARELY play with it.

Funny you should write about Jace and the rhyming. Camdyn did the same exact thing this evening with the word milk. He then said, "silk, bilk, kilk,"...you get the idea. I could have screamed, but I refrained.

Love this post because it made me feel better that I'm not the only one annoyed by my children lately.

Annie said...

I don't think any of us are alone...that's a big part of why I blog. My MIL also noted that in a few years I'll be sitting reading about the antics of my grandkids and remembering my own children and thinking maybe they weren't so annoying after all. :)