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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sending You Away

I'm sending you to another blog...but please come back! I just want you to read what Kris wrote about homeschooling parents. It's in her voice, but I think she speaks for me too. Cool, huh?

I haven't started homeschooling yet, technically. My two oldest are at a public school right now. But I have already heard or felt some of the things Kris talks about in her post. And I do remember stereotypes I held about homeschooling parents in the past. Even after I met a few, I considered them the exceptions...because they were normal and didn't judge me! Now I'm realizing that, like all stereotypes, mine were based on stories or fallacies or who even knows what. Thankfully, now they're broken and I know that homeschooling parents are made up of all sorts of people, just like public school parents. Gotta love that...variety is the spice of life!

So, enjoy reading Kris's post and I'll work on figuring out what sort of homeschooling parent I'm going to be. My guess? The same sort of public schooling parent I am now.

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