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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Checking In

Hello everyone. I feel like I should post something. I'd been on quite the schedule of one or two posts a day. I know you must all be wondering if I fell off the Earth. Well, I didn't. As we all know, the Earth is spherical and you can't just fall off. I relearned this lesson this morning on the way to school.

The Gracie asked if we could listen to "that CD that rocks?"

Jace translated, "Yeah! Can we listen to Montgomery Gentry?"

"Why surely. I hardly ever turn them down."

After we yelled along, uh...I mean sang along with Now You're Talkin' we listened to a few others and then Back When I Knew It All came on. In case you don't know the song, there's a line in it that says "back when the world was flat and Mama and Daddy didn't have a clue." (Boy am I glad they didn't grab onto the second part of that line to dissect this morning. It's only a matter of time...) So, when Troy and Eddie sang the chorus Gracie laughed and said, "That's funny! He thought the world was flat!"

Jace piped up to explain, "There was a time, Gracie when people believed the Earth was flat. But everyone knows now that it's a sphere." And there ya have it.

Now that we all know I could not and have not fallen off the Earth...what have I been doing? Obviously I haven't been blogging!

Well, I've been making lists. Lists of things we need in New York, in DC, on the road, in various hotels. Lists of things to do before we leave the house and leave the state. Lists that can be checked off, lined out, crumpled up and tossed out. I like to feel accomplished. Lists help.

I've also written the Kral Chronicle, a family newsletter that I put together for my mom's side of the family. And I've been reading about homeschooling. It's still something that I'm excited about. And the kids are thrilled, which brings me great joy!

We were at the library yesterday and there were some girls there who are homeschooled. They were just visiting with each other and conversation turned to school. One of the other girls asked if Gracie went to school and she said, "Yes. I go to Grannie's Play Place. But next year mama is going to homeschool us." I couldn't resist smiling. I hope she still says it with such warm feelings in six months!

So, that's life on our front. Hope everyone reading this (and even those that aren't) are having a lovely week and have a wonderful weekend ahead!

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