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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Who Needs Disney?

Edited to add a link to Tonya's Field Trip Friday post. I'm technically not a homeschooler yet and technically it wasn't a field trip, but a mini-vaca. I still added a link to her post to my blog...and I think it counts! Hope you think so too!

Last Thanksgiving Scott and I took the kids on a wonderful family vacation to Walt Disney World. We all had a really great time and I've dreamed of going back ever since. We've also gone to the Georgia Aquarium and to Sea World. Our kids are lucky little buggers!

Yesterday, though, I took the kids to St. Augustine. We went on a short cruise in the waters just outside the city - where we saw dolphins frolicking, had hot dogs for dinner (I had a Caesar salad), and shared a chocolate sauce with ice cream for dessert. Then we got up this morning and enjoyed six hours walking, playing and learning all around town.

We started at the Castillo de San Marcos*, left and got drinks and a snack. Then we went back to the fort to see them fire a cannon. After that we played at the playground until lunch, and again after lunch. The back and forth was all over town. At each intersection Jace and Gracie took turns answering, "Left, right, or straight?" We saw all sorts of stores and talked about the names of them, what they sold, and why we couldn't go in. It would have been fun for me to roam all the stores on my own, but not with all those little hands. The couple minutes it took to pick three postcards at the Castillo de San Marcos gift shop was stressful enough!

While we were walking around Jace told me how much he enjoyed walking around the town, rather than having to hurry with a car. We stopped and listened to a few different street musicians. We read historical markers. We really enjoyed the day. Just before we left Jace told me that this was his favorite vacation that we've taken. I reminded him of all the others and he stuck with this one! He loved it! Woo hoo! And Gracie chimed in that she plans on taking her kids to St. Augustine every month because she thinks they're going to like it so, so much!

I love my kids. And I love that they enjoy learning and road-tripping as much as their mama! I still want to go back to Disney and don't think any of them would turn down the trip, but we'll also be doing lots of educational walk-abouts. It's a good life.

*Just a note that this week (April 17th -25th) is National Park Week and admission to all National Parks is free. Go enjoy!

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Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

Thanks for linking up to Field Trip Friday! You don't have to be homeschooling to participate- it's open to anyone that has a field trip and yes, that means a mini-vaca too. We loved St. Augustine and Castillo de San Marcos was one of our favorite stops! Our excitement was dampered when we got pulled over in a school zone that wasn't clearly marked. It cost us a couple hundrend dollars. My husband still insists that we got pulled over because we were out of state. Easy to tell in FL because you don't need a front license plate and in OH we did. Pretty easy target. Maybe it was just a coincidence that everyone else that was pulled over was from out-of-state too, huh? LOL I can laugh about it now. Thanks for sharing!