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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

One Handed

I've discovered, since becoming a mother, that there are a few things I used to do with two hands that I've had to figure out with just one. Probably my least favorite task is going to the bathroom. It's really not easy to pull your pants down, or up, with one hand, especially with a child in the other. It's also a bit tricky to make a meal, unload the washing machine, load the dishwasher and push a grocery cart. I vow never to forget my baby wrap again.

A few chores weren't as hard to adapt. Vaccuuming with one hand is surpringly ok. Blowing my nose...doable. Putting socks on isn't as hard as I might have thought. In fact, I've even become quite capable at typing with just five fingers.

This is evidence of that.

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