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Saturday, February 28, 2009

"I'm a better arguer than you are!"

Over the past few days I've realized that the kids have entered a new phase. Jace and Gracie have always been close. They're two years apart, but have always acted as playmates. Every now and then I see how Jace is moving forward in something and Gracie isn't there yet, but they still seem to get along well enough. Lately, however, there's been some bickering. Ok, there's been a lot of bickering, and over the craziest things. It annoys me.

Today in the car they each had some little thing in their hands and were pretending that whatever they were holding was a remote that controled the pretend tv on the back of the seat ahead of them. This was fun for a second. Then Jace turned off Gracie's imaginary tv with his remote. Then Gracie turned of Jace's. Then Jace turned Gracie's off again, but made the clicking sound louder. Back and forth until Gracie cleverly announced that her remote was magic and she could turn off anyone's tv with it. Jace's clever response was, "Unt-uh...mine's magicer!"

At this point I chimed in to point out that they were arguing over invisible tv's that they were pretending to turn on and off with fake remotes. They listened calmly and immediately went back to bickering!

I've not been looking forward to this stage in childhood...hopefully we'll move past the compete over everything phase quickly, and before I harm my delightful cherubs.

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