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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Timing is Everything

I used to be very punctual. By punctual I mean that on-time was late, early was on-time, and less than 15 minutes early wasn't early at all! Over time, I relaxed just a little, but I still like to be on time, but I've accepted that it just isn't always possible.

I really think that with each additional child the time it takes to get out the door goes up exponentially, at least for moms. And I can't seem to get that 20 minutes head start down now that I have three to get ready.

I have an aunt who was always late to family gatherings. After a while they would start telling her we were eating at noon when the meal was really at 1:00 pm. It worked. She had three children. My mom has four kids and ever since I can remember there are a few clocks in the house set 15 minutes ahead to increase the chances of leaving on time. I wonder when I'll start being tricked or using tricks or figuring out what the trick is to punctuality as a parent!

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Mary Teresa said...

Mom no longer sets all the clocks at the same time ahead now. Its more like a game. Some clocks are on time, others are various amounts faster. You sort of have to pick your clock and hope you're close to reality with it. =D