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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love Thy Husband, But...

I do love him. I do. But I miss him too.

One of my favorite things about being married is the support...it's just a given. There's me. There's Scott. We're in this together. He can come home from a long day at work and share his frustrations with me over a late, re-warmed dinner. I can share my storys of diapers, potty training, and kindergarten woes during the commercial breaks I lovingly force him not to fast forward as we watch our DVR'd shows. There's someone to get up and shut the light off if I forget and to cuddle next to while the sheets catch up to body temp. He provides me with balance, reassurance, and love. I need those things...and someone else to read the bedtime story sometimes.

I miss my someone.

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