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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Morning After

When you're the mom of three and you're sick for two days you wake up the morning after and almost wish you were still a little sick. Just enough so you didn't have to face the dishes that now cover the counters. Just enough so someone else would be forced to care about the laundry that now overflows the hamper. Or even the load that sat in the dryer the whole time you were feverish.

And those are just the obvious things I'd rather avoid. There's also that underlayer that didn't get touched: the sweeping, vaccuuming, all the little hairs on my husband's sink. It all adds up to more work to be fit into the day.

So, the second morning after, I woke up beat. Tired. Not sick or feverish, just tuckered out from catch up. After all, the symptoms may all be gone, but the energy hasn't really returned. I don't know how the kids bounce back so quickly or why they think I can. In the midst of all the schtuff that needs to be folded, put a way, dried, washed, wiped down, cleaned up, cooked, thrown away, somehow taken care of...the kids do too. They did very well during the time I was sleeping on the couch, in my bed, and in the relcliner. Tuckered out or not, lacking energy or not, even if I'm leaving things undone...today is for the kids.

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Mary Teresa said...

Give the babies some loveing from me too! And tell Scott we can't have a girl...I don't know what to do with a girl. ;D