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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Life as a Road

We were out walking today, something we've been trying to do more often. In all honesty, it's something the kids are always trying to do, but lately I've been trying to say yes more. After all, it's time with them, active time for all of us...what's the down side? Anyway, we walked around the block, which in downtown Small Town, Georgia means three dirt roads and one semi-paved leg. I know some of you are in disbelief...but it's true, we do live in downtown, right around the corner from the store-slash-gas station and United States Post Office. But, that's neither here nor there...I'm rambling far off point.

We were out walking around the block today and I noticed on one of the dirt roads that there was a really cool pattern. After the trucks, cars, 4-wheelers, bikes, stroller wheels, and sneakers criss-crossed each other...it made art. I might start taking pictures and framing them. It's really beautiful, especially when you think about the road as a symbol for life.

What kind of path is your life? What would you like it to be? Do you think you'd prefer a smooth, well-paved highway? What about a well-used side street with a little pot hole here or there? I think my life is a dirt road. I might try to pave over it every so often, thinking that's the way I should be, but I can't get it quite right and the pavement cracks from wear. Eventually, all the traffic that passes through and over my story exposes the dirt underneath, and I like that. I like that everything that makes me me right now is layered in that dirt. That's beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

That's really insightful. I think I'd be a dirt road too. Maybe that's because I'd rather take the road less traveled (I love that poem)! I'm a casual kinda gal!