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Monday, February 2, 2009

Vocabulary Lesson

Like many, we watched the Superbowl last night. I don't have a favorite team. I usually cheer for the underdog, which made last night's game very exciting! Toward the end of the game I was winding down and considering going to sleep. After all, Monday morning still comes at the same time. But I stayed up...and learned something.

I know a lot of the football talk this morning will be about the game itself, but I like to critique the commentators. I used to think I could do their job, but I realized last night that I can't. I don't know enough words, not to mention I'm still learning the rules of the game.

With just over ten minutes left in the game, and Arizona down by 13 points, the excitement was building. And one of the wise commentators noted that their offense was "working with alacrity." To which I said, "What?"

It was after my bedtime. Yes, if at all possible I go to bed at 9:00 pm. Don't laugh. So I was barely tuning in when this guy whipped out this word that has as many syllables as letters. I had heard it before, but didn't know what it meant or how it might ever be appropriate for a football game. So I looked it up.

At our house, that's a big deal. The dictionary is one I got in college as a gift for completing an Honor's project. We jokingly call it "the 50 pound dictionary," although it probably weighs slightly less. I got it off the shelf and found alacrity. According to Webster's Third New International Dictionary it means eagerness or readiness.

With their hurry-up, no huddle strategy it seems the commentator's observation was, indeed, true. Arizona's offense played with alacrity. Unfortunately for them, it wasn't enough in the end. For a fan of the game and learning, though, what an ending it was!

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