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Monday, February 23, 2009

Mama Means...

There are so many names for what we do. Mother, mom, mommy...I go by mama. No matter what you're called you might identify with some of the tell tale signs of being a parent. There's the less-than-daily showering and constantly buying new clothes for the kids while you're still sporting your less-obvious maternity wear. Or maybe you've gone out of the house with any number of things on your inside out shirt...someone else's breakfast, drool, or spit up. If these don't sound familiar maybe you've realized in the middle of the day that you're underwear was inside out after you carefully and quietly got dressed in the dark so you wouldn't wake the baby sleeping in your bed.

Maybe you're one of the lucky ones who has kept up with hygeine and appearance. Good for you! Sincerely, I give you my congratulations. But if you've kept up with looks, perhaps you've struggled with energy and brain power. Snapping your fingers to come up with a word? Talking in mostly single syllables and rhymes? Cuddling up with the little ones at nap time?

If you're like me, every one of these is a struggle some days...but that's ok, it's what mama means. And, although I don't always love hearing "mama" every other second, I do love hearing it. In fact, I love being everything that mama means...all these things and more.

I love cuddling with sick or tired little ones and giving goodnight kisses. I love wearing my youngest on my chest and holding the other ones' hands in each of mine through the parking lot. I enjoy juggling questions about the most important thing in my children's lives, that day. I love watching Daddy play, read stories, and try to supress laughter at our little wonders. There's nothing like watching the kids play together, teach each other, and grow.

So, even though there are embarrassing, frustrating, and downright OMG! moments that are part of my life...I'll take them. I embrace them. The balance of the good, bad, ugly, and exciting is my life as mama.

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