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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Final Four?

I just made some cupcakes...I know, you're jealous! When I was putting liners in the pans I was hit with a burning question: What happens to the final two liners? The package I last purchased was 50 count. My cupcake tins, and I think all cupcake tins, have 12 each. The cake mix, or for those of you more established bakers...the recipe, makes 24 servings. Why 50 little paper liners? I'd already made one batch of cupcakes or muffins, so, in just a moment I would be left with two lonely liners.

Should I throw them out? Keep them? Hope I remember them with the next batch? Worry that I won't find them until I clean my cupboards out...someday?

Wait a minute...there's nothing to worry about. I ended up with four extra liners. Cool beans! A little extra for my money. And four pretty pastel papers are definitely worth saving until my next tasty treat. Just think, after my next two batches I'll be left with six liners! It gets better and better. Perhaps by the time I use the exact number of liners someone will have started packaging them in multiples of twelve.


Mary Teresa said...

oh dear...you seem oddly excited by this. you may need to get out more. ;D

Kelly Bee Sting said...

Motherhood messes with our minds...