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Thursday, March 26, 2009

On Tyler's Terms

Do you ever play the game of trying to figure out what your little ones will be as adults based on their personalities as kids? I find it endlessly entertaining!

From early on we have thought that Jace might be a priest or teacher. He has huge hands and talks with them all the time, especially when he's standing at the top of the playground. Right now, he's leaning more toward firefighter, police man, or tow truck driver. "Something in the helping professions," he says.

Gracie's a little harder to figure out. She wants to do every job imaginable but keeps telling us about the fleet of trucks she's going to have...car transporter trucks, tow trucks, dump trucks, container trucks. She could definitely hold her own ordering around a bunch of truckers too! I think she's going to need an artistic outlet in her life though. Weekly karoake might be enough, or maybe she'll try for the big time. She's quite the ham in front of a camera too. She can be her own sort of triple threat...model/singer/trucking company owner!

And Tyler...he's only 15 months old, so I have some time to determine his career path. For now, though, I see him as a coach. I was thinking attorney for a while because, if he could write and talk, I think he'd present me with a list of his terms. He brings toys to us, but he presents them on one side of us and has to get up on the other side. If we try to pick him up at the same time he gives us the toy on he squirms and squeals until we put him down. Then he runs away, smiles at us for a second, and comes back to the proper side to be picked up!

(If any of you are attorneys, I apologize for the stereotype I'm about to write.)

I decided being a lawyer isn't for Tyler, though, because he's too fun loving. He loves to run in the yard, or down the driveway toward the road...gotta watch him closely! He goes straight to a ball when we head outside and loves to throw it and kick it, although I think the kicking is accidental. So, I started thinking about sports. I can see him being a friendly, inspiring high school teacher. I'm not sure what subject yet, though. And after school, he'll head to the field or court or pool and have everybody sweating in no time.

I think he'll be fair, comedic, tough, and caring. But you'd better believe that if your son or daughter is on his team, he or she better do what they're told. If you don't play by Tyler's terms you're likely to get hit with a toy truck!

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