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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Job Updates

It's so funny that I just wrote about what the kids might want to be when they grow up. Yesterday they both came up with something new that I haven't heard them be interested in before! I thought I'd share...

Gracie would like to be on TV. She's thinking maybe Dancing with the Stars. I asked if she would be a star or a professional dancer and she'd like to be a dancer. She's got the legs for it! She's got 5 year old legs and she's three. Who knows, maybe she'll be both...a dancer and a star!

And Jace is quite interested in studying whale sharks. I think that means he'd be a marine biologist. I think that sounds like a fun and exciting career choice. I hope he'll be able to support on his researcher's salary.

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Kelly Bee Sting said...

I can totally see this with Gracie! We have this toy that u plug into the Tv. It plays songs while u actually watch yourself on the tube and sing along. I'm sure she would spend hours doing this!