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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Did you ever put up with someone who was really awkward, perhaps socially inept? I can remember several instances where I've rolled my eyes at inappropriate comments. And I'm tolerant. I give a lot of leeway and a few too many second chances. Yet, even I get annoyed with people and occasionally get a little snappy too.

Maybe someone should have told me that my kids would be like these annoying pests I've put up with over the years. Maybe I could have been better prepared for the fact that, sometimes, hearing "Mama" for the hundredth time would make me feel like driving my car into a guard rail. Would I be more patient if I'd felt prepared for the 'pitter patter of little feet' to turn into the 'thunder of a migrating pack of wildebeasts'?

Probably not. It probably wouldn't have made a difference. After all, I know it now, and I'm still annoyed and want them all to go to bed and wake up two days from now...when I've had a chance to miss them, to remember why I love them, and to enjoy their energy again.

Just in case it does make a difference to be forewarned, though:
Caution: Your Children Will Annoy You!


Mary Teresa said...

Your children annoy me too. Just Kidding! I love them a lot, a lot. =D

Kelly Bee Sting said...

*sighs* I know...this too, shall pass. Just keep saying this!