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Monday, March 23, 2009

How I Really Feel About Technology

I've been hearing all about this twittering thing lately. I don't know, maybe there's a place for it, but who needs to know my every thought...really? They've already found people using it at inappropriate times. Congressmen have tweeted during congressional meetings. Shouldn't they be paying attention? Somebody was on a secret trip to the Middle East and tweeted. Perhaps those who don't know better than that shouldn't be on secret trips. A publicist tweeted that he would rather die than live in the place one of his biggest clients lives. Now that can't be good for business. So, I shall not tweet.

I think the Internet is great for chatting, playing games, research...but not so good for embarrassing college pictures or emotion-filled emails. Get a real photo album...that can always be burned. And pick up the phone or a pen and paper. Don't forget people.

I like a hand written note, given or gotten.

Then there's what happened today. I'm working on a article. I just sat down to fix my revisions...it's gone. And not just that article. The whole folder with all my writing is gone. Poof! I have no idea how or where...but it's not anywhere I've looked. Granted, I am no computer whiz, but seriously...folders don't just walk away. Right? Luckily I've got the hard copy right here next to me. But I'm not happy.

I don't answer my cell phone very often...I have a land line. I don't think I'm even going to answer that for now though. I need a time out. I'm even shutting the TV off.


I found it! It took a little work, but I recovered the whole folder. whew.


Kelly Bee Sting said...

Tweet...Tweet...is for the birds!

Mary Teresa said...

I love you crazy computer talented sister. I agree with the twitter issues.