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Thursday, March 19, 2009

All About Gracie

Gracie is growing into quite the little girl. She'll be four in a few months. She loves dresses, long hair, and jewelry. She's met a bagger at our grocery store who also likes dresses and who has long hair. She gives her the biggest hugs every time we shop and talks about her to anyone who'll listen. Her love of dresses and other things 'girly' hasn't taken the edge off her tomboy ways, though. She still drives her jeep around the yard, plays in the sandbox and loves big brother's hot wheels. She's going to be quite the young lady soon.

Gracie is developing a rather smart-arse sense of humor and enjoys picking on both her brothers with it. Last night, though, she found a new game to play with me. I was sitting at the table with a tank top on. I was cutting up food for Tyler when my arm started to move. She was swinging my upper arms back and forth, jiggling that place where my triceps aren't! She laughed and laughed. I felt slightly like crying, but just laughed along with her. It's reality, might as well enjoy it!

She's pretty much potty trained (thank goodness) and none too soon. I considered shipping her off until she figured it out...I hope Tyler's not quite the challenge Gracie was in this department. She likes playing mom and recently asked me, "Did your son chew on my daughter?" She had picked up her doll and found her feet were a little wet. Indeed my son had chewed on her daughter. That's pretty much what he does!

Gracie's also becoming very creative and curious. She makes up the most intriguing questions and then ponders all the possibilities that abound. "I wonder what would happen if we had two tongues. We could lick two foods and eat more!" She can't wait for pre-k next year. I hope they're ready for her!

I love this little girl. I can't wait to see how her personality and interests grow and change...she's a true delight, who just informed me that it's time to go play Candy Land. Hopefully it'll be more fun than letting my arm fat flap in the wind!

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Mary Teresa said...

At least she caught you on a non-pms day. She's gonna be such a handful. Maybe Scott should rethink the "Garage till 35 rule."