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Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Reality of Real Estate

We met with our realtor yesterday, in preparation for putting our house on the market. It went well. The to do list she left us only included a few things that weren't on the list we'd already started working on. One thing was confirmed, though. Something I new, but hadn't allowed myself to admit out loud yet. I really hoped somehow we could sell the house without having to keep it clean. Unfortunately that's not the case.

Three kids or not, there's some work to be done. This morning I packed up four plastic bins of children's toys, photo albums, and extra blankets, and there's still more to store away in the attic. And I've started a check list to complete when I get that call saying someone will be here in an hour to see our listing. I'm so excited for that call, hopefully a few times over! The thing I'm really not excited about is checking off the items on my check list when I leave to go grocery shopping, meet friends, or have dinner out. Any place I go, aside from the bus stop, will be too far away to get back home and tidy up if someone is ready to view our property. That's going to get old, quickly.

Another not so great thing is that properties are taking plenty of time to sell. So, we're gearing up for the possibility that I might be washing toilets daily, sweeping floors hourly, and constantly throwing toys back into their bins for months upon months...upon months.

Wish us luck!

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Mary Teresa said...

I think you should train the children to clean the toilets themselves. Its good for them. Promise. =D