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Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Real Mommy Workout

There are so many workout plans out there. I never thought there would be need for another, but today I thought of one. I'm not motivated enough to come up with it, if anyone wants to take my idea and run with it...feel free. All you need to do is figure out the calories we burn doing the things we already do.

There's the basic housekeeping chores: laundry, dishes, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting, etc. Let's break down laundry a little further. First you have to sort the clothes, then put a load it in the washing machine. Is there a caloric difference in filling a top loading versus front loading washer? Then you pull the damp clothes out of the washer and toss them into the dryer, after which they'll need folding. Are more calories burned if the clothes are pulled one at a time from the dryer and folded right there or if they're pulled in bulk, placed in a basket, taken somewhere else and folded? Lastly, the laundry has to be put away. I would love the caloric breakdown of that. Maybe I could learn to love my laundry workout.

Aside from chores we, as moms, are also very active in oral aerobics. Just today I've scolded, yelled, pleaded, hollered, repeated myself repeatedly, reprimanded, shouted, nagged, begged, and scolded again. That should count for something!

So let's go! One, two, clean your room! Five, six, don't hit your sister! Nine, ten...

Please tell me I'm burning enough calories for a glass of wine...please.


Anonymous said...

Just make sure it's cold wine...your body burns moer calories just by heating it up inside you....every little bit helps:)

Kelly Bee Sting said...

We could stick to the Prisoner diet...bread and water once a day. They may be in prison, but they are hot! TeeHee!