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Monday, March 16, 2009


Jace likes to throw things he's learned in school into any old conversation. If it doesn't relate to what we're talking about, he'll find a way to work it in anyhow.

Yesterday, Gracie said, out of the blue, "Our daddy's the best daddy ever." I thought it was cute and adorable for at least a second before Jace popped in with his two cents.

"There are some eskimo dad's that are better."

What? I had to try not to laugh. Scott told Jace he could go live with them, then! He said ok and went on to tell us why eskimo dads are better than his own!


Mary Teresa said...

hehehhe. Jace is totally Scott's son. He stated it as a fact regardless of anyone's feelings...defiantly a Scott move. =D

Mary Teresa said...

Have to comment again since my word verification was "Urines" surprisingly fitting for a pregnant woman.