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Thursday, March 18, 2010

This and That

We have family in town. We're having a great visit and taking advantage of all the help we have. Scott's had his dad moving boxes all day long. Plus, my in-laws brought some venison with them and Tom (father-in-law) grilled it up for dinner. And Jane (mother-in-law) watched Tyler for the better part of the day so the guys could work and I could run errands and get a pap smear. I know, not the most exciting way to spend a morning child free...but so much easier to do without a two year old hanging close by.

They're here for a few more days and we have plans to go mini-golfing, should the weather cooperate, and maybe even take a bike ride on the beach. And, Scott and I are going out Saturday night. It's so nice to have family to help out.

Aside from that, today we had cake and ice cream for Scott's birthday. Nothing Primal about it, but it did taste good. Hopefully it won't mess with my stomach the way the fries and pop did the other day. Now that I'm eating so cleaning, putting any not-so-clean schtuff into my body doesn't always go over so well. But, i digress...Scott's birthday today! And poor guy has a sore throat. I think it's just all the pollen in the air, but knowing what it might be doesn't help it feel any better. Hopefully it'll improve soon.

One more piece of excitement: I registered for an online homeschool conference. I'm thrilled about it. Thanks to Our Busy Homeschool I found out that The Old Schoolhouse is hosting it's first ever online expo! I know...what great news! I'm especially giddy since I'll be missing the conventions here in Georgia and in Washington while we're on the road (for a month and a half!!!). So, I'm now registered for the Schoolhouse Expo. Once you register you get a virtual goody bag full of e-books, ideas, projects...all sorts of wonderful things. If you're homeschooling or interested in learning more...go check it out.

Have a great end to your week!

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