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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Four Year Olds Don't Gargle

It's allergy season here in Georgia. A few days ago Scott had a sore throat and no other symptoms. We figured it was due to all the pollen in the air. He gargled with warm salt water and that helped him quite a bit. He also took Nyquil to sleep and something over the counter during the day to continue easing the soreness of his throat.

Yesterday, when we picked Gracie up from school she'd been complaining of a sore throat, made worse by "singing the whole song, so I just sang half the song. My teachers knew I wanted to sing but that it made my throat hurt." Such a strong little girl. When she got home she asked what Dada had used for his sore throat. Strong and smart. However, we couldn't very well drug her up. And spitting the toothpaste out is still a bit tricky, so I don't think I'll be getting her to gargle anytime soon.

What we did do for her is this: I read her lots of stories last night. I figured if I was reading she wasn't talking (as much) and her poor little throat could rest. She got plenty to drink and I even warmed some honey and stirred it in a few glasses to help soothe her throat. This morning before school I did give her some children's allergy medication and clear instructions to try not to talk too much today. We'll see how that goes.

If her throat keeps hurting we'll have some cool, easy to swallow pudding later tonight. Or maybe just chocolate milk. Special treats are always nice when little ones aren't feeling up to par.

Do you have any special tricks to ease the discomfort your little ones go through with allergies, colds, growing pains?

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