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Monday, March 15, 2010

Give Away...Don't Enter ;-)

Well, you can enter if you want to. But I'd rather you didn't...that way my chances are better! There's nothing wrong with that, right? And this seems like a very cool give away.

I'm not only excited about the give away, but the site hosting it too. So, even if you don't want free lapbooks, if you're interested in homeschooling (or already do) perhaps you'll enjoy Our Busy Homeschool too.

A brief explanation of a lapbook: it seems to be a concise way of presenting all sorts of information about one subject. So, if you want to teach the kids about farm animals you can have them color pictures, write poems or facts, make flip books, label the parts of a horse's hoof, learn details of farm life, visit a farm and take pictures, whatever seems good to you...and put it on a folder in such a way that your child can sit down and open it up to review all they've learned. I don't know if that makes sense, but if you go check out the give away site you'll see an example and find even more at Hands of a Child, the subject of the give away.

OK, so enough chit chat. Let's get to the give away. Tristan, the author of Our Busy Homeschool, (homeschooling mother of 5), has been a Super Member at Hands of a Child. She's been renewing that super membership yearly, but this year decided to go all in for a lifetime membership...before her yearly membership was up. Sooooo - Hands of a Child is giving away the rest of her super membership to one lucky person! What does that mean? Twelve free lapbooks!

So, if you're interested...go check it out. Even if you're not a homeschooling parent you might find these interesting. They could be a fun vacation project, an educational gift for a crafty niece of nephew...just go look!

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