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Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Hats

People don't wear hats like that used to. Maybe one of these years I'll get an Easter bonnet. I've always secretly loved those pastel, floral hats. But this year I have two new hats to wear...so I'm going to wait on the Easter bonnet.

What new hats?

Landlord and teacher.

That's right...our tenants just left. They came over and signed the papers and will move in May 1st! I'm so excited. I'm so thrilled to be going back to Washington. I miss so many people and things there and have lots of plans already! And, of course, I couldn't be more relieved that we do get to follow Scott. We could have made it for a year apart, or however long it might have lasted, but we didn't want to. We really didn't want to.

And not only did we rent the house out, but we rented it to a couple we like. They seem nice and are family oriented. They have young boys who will love the yard and the woods. Jace took their oldest out to show him where the bridge is to cross the ditch to the neighbors in case there is a fire. I think they'll be happy here.

I know we'll be happy that they're here.

And what about my teacher hat? Well...(drum roll please)...I'm going to homeschool the kids next year. I know some of you are smiling, thinking you've rubbed off on me just a little...and maybe you have. I know some of you think I'm making a big mistake, but we don't believe we are. We've talked about this and I've researched it. I believe that I will be a good teacher for our kids, that I'll always keep in focus their best interests, and that I'll challenge them...God knows they'll challenge me. I'm going tomorrow to get a few books for me to read and learn how to prepare some more. I've got to get me and the kids prepared for this change, which will be an incredible, positive, and exciting time for us.

Hopefully you're excited for us too. These new hats both mean a lot to our family. We're headed in a terrific direction and the journey is gonna be fun, fulfilling, and unforgettable!

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